Looks like the girl's are at it again. Proving their hardwork and creativity, 2NE1 reigned supreme at this year's DAUM-MTV Music Festival held today (February 19, 2011) at Hwajong University, Korea. Not only that, the music festival is also shown in all 8 countries via MTV Channel. Definitely a prestigious show.

Beyond famous K-Pop Idols line-up (2NE1, 2AM, MBLAQ, IU, T-ara, Supreme Team, Secret, After School, f(x), FT Island, 4minute, ZE:A, UKISS) The fearsome foursome emerged victorious and grabbed the Artist of the Year award! Due to excitement, even Dara can't help to update her me2day about the news!

Well, let's expect more awards in the future.

In case you miss it, the girl's are looking extra extra spicy tonight. During the red carpet, the girls wore black outfits paired with bad-booty accessories.

CL's outfit is sleek and neat tonight, with a leather jacket surrounded by belts, her shiny shoes and her big clack earrings. And hey, her nail colors aren't the same on her both hands.

Dara rarely shows her legs, but with the outfit she wore today, you would want to complain why she often hide her beautiful legs. Dara also got a one piece dress, sleek and shiny. But her necklace made it significantly more edgy and gothic. With her wearing that huge skull on her chest, you are already haunted with her charms.

Bom's outfit never failed to show the smexiness of her legs. Her one-piece dress with a lot of holes on her arms, big necklace and bangles adds more to her sexiness at the same time, still fashionable.

Article by: Viscount@YGLadies.com