We opened a poll about "What is your G-BOM love story?"
And so far, this was our most successful one which had a total of 349 votes!
The number of votes doubled compared to our previous poll
And these are the results:

They are currently secretly dating.
98 (28%)
One-sided love; G-Dragon being the latter.
38 (10%)
They like each other but not dating yet.
152 (43%)
Used to date but stopped because of the "No Boyfriend Contract"
48 (13%)
OTHER! Share your own choice in our chatbox!
13 (3%)

So most Addicteds think that G-Dragon and Bom have mutual feelings but aren't dating YET.
Could this be because Bom is still under the "Three-Year No Boyfriend Contract" with YG?
Since G-Dragon said himself from an interview that IF EVER he has a girlfriend, he'll keep it as a secret.
So all we can do now are keep our eyes open to more hints the two of them would drop in the future.

Thank you so much to all who participated in our poll.
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