From Park Han Byul's recent guesting in Strong Heart (she is YGE's Se7en's longtime girlfriend), she revealed how they started dating. Here's her story about how they started:

...One day, he called me and asked whether I had a boyfriend or not.”
When prodded for her reply, Park Han Byul continued, “I had a boyfriend at the time, so I said I did have one. He replied, ‘I was going to introduce you to an amazing guy, what a disappointment.’”
“I told him to introduce him to my friend instead of me, and he said, ‘Never mind, forget it,’ and hung up. A couple of months later, I broke up with my boyfriend and Se7en contacted me again, asking whether I had a boyfriend still. After that, we just naturally began to date.”
Park Han Byul concluded, “I later found out that the ‘amazing guy’ he wanted to introduce me to was Se7en himself!”

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From the Park sisters' guesting in the same show, Park Bom also revealed that G-Dragon tried to set her up in a blind date. Too bad this part got edited out by the show's PD.

Bom-yang told a story about her trainee days when Ji Yong-goon asked, "Should I set of a blind date for you?" to Bom. Bom-yang said that she had no other thoughts than to train in a hard-to-get manner.
Kang HoDong asked Bom-yang that if she received that same proposal, what would she do? She replied that if so, she would go running, accepting the blind date. It went in that way.

Did G-Dragon really try to copy Se7en's style?
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