Recently, Bugs conducted a survey entitled, ‘Which singer do you think is the best person to be the class representative in the coming semester in school?’

From 22nd Feb till 7th March 2011, a total of 5793 votes have been casted. 44 % of the votes (2537 votes) went to BIGBANG’s G-Dragon which secured him 1st place. BIGBANG’s title song ‘Tonight’ earned 1st spot on ‘Bugs Weekly Chart TOP 100’. In addition, it is also a hot issue in the showbiz as BIGBANG mini album “TONIGHT” debuted on the Billboard Chart.

The netizens commented, ‘Kwon Leader (G-Dragon) is born to be a class representative,’ and ‘The members of BIGBANG seem to get along with this class representative.’

Second place went to SNSD’s leader Taeyeon with 29% of the votes (1658 votes) since fans appreciate how supportive she is to SNSD members. TVXQ’s Yunho got 3rd place with 12 % (1658 votes), 4th place went to 2AM’s Jokwon (11 %) and the 5th went to F(x)’s Victoria.

Further information about the G-Dragon winning the poll can be found on the Bugs website.

Bugs is currently doing another survey titled, ‘Which star you do want to propose on White Day?’ Currently, BIGBANG’s Taeyang and 2PM’s nichkhun are topping the 1st and 2nd spots.

Screen cap of G-Dragon poll:

Source: unionpress via teambigbang
Translated: Rice @bigbangupdates