Japanese R&B artist Ms.OOJA recently posted an amusing post about her newfound interest in K-Pop on her official blog.

Ms.OOJA posted GD&TOP’s PV for “Baby Good Night” and Big Bang’s latest PV “TONIGHT” at the top of her blog entry.

She wrote this when referring to the group’s leader G-Dragon, “My heart was pounding so hard I felt like I was gonna die lolol. Especially for the first MV. I simply love the guy who has the black hair in the first MV and the blonde hair in the second MV!”

The singer also added that she tried Korean ramen for the first time, which she found to be much spicier than she expected.

Fans commented, “Spicy ramen is delicious,” “K-Pop is good”, and “Isn’t (G-Dragon) handsome?”

Source: Ms.OOJA’s Official blog
Translated by: AllKPop